New Canadians Can Access Multi-Lingual Services from Brampton Injury Lawyer


Brampton Injury Lawyer Provides Help to New Canadians


All of the breath-taking diversity of Canada is on display in Brampton, one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It’s estimated that the population of Peel Region will almost double in just twenty-five years, with immigrants from many different countries arriving daily. A Globe and Mail article about Brampton notes that the city is a harbinger for how new demographic trends will shape Canada in the years to come. After English, the most widely-used languages in the Flower City include Punjabi, Urdu, Portuguese, Gujarati, Spanish, and Hindi. When residents of the region suffer a personal injury and decide to pursue accident compensation they often seek out a Brampton injury lawyer. Of course, understanding legal issues can be difficult – and this can be even more complicated for new Canadians, who may still be learning to master the English language. If you’re looking for a Brampton injury lawyer, ask what languages are spoken by the practice’s lawyers and paralegals, or if they can arrange for an interpreter. When an injury occurs, being able to conduct a conversation with a lawyer in your first language may be crucial to properly communicating the problem and to gaining insight into your rights. Some law firms serving the Brampton area offer multi-ethnic services.


The Cost of Engaging a Brampton Injury Lawyer


People are sometimes reluctant to engage a personal injury lawyer because they’re afraid that it will be expensive.They make the mistake of trying to file a claim without legal advice, and then struggle to complete complex paperwork from their insurance company before they have even recovered from their injuries. Most often, these claims are denied due to technical problems with filing. (There are very strict rules governing the submission of paperwork, with deadlines to be met and a great deal of supplementary documentation required.)


If you want to make a successful insurance claim for a motor vehicle collision or other type of accident, it’s essential to get good legal advice. Note that many personal injury firms offer a free initial consultation, which gives the lawyer and the injured individual an opportunity to meet and discuss the claim and its possibility of success. If a Brampton injury lawyer agrees to take your case, he or she will work on a contingency basis. This means the lawyer will not be paid until a settlement has been made, ensuring that you will not be out of pocket during the process.


Choosing the Right Lawyer


There are numerous personal injury lawyers who serve the Peel Region; some are based in Brampton, but others may be based in Toronto or in other cities in the GTA. Look for a law firm that offers multi-lingual services, or that will provide an interpreter. Beyond that, seek out a lawyer who is simpatico with you. You should be comfortable with your Brampton injury lawyer, and able to tell him/her anything. Your lawyer should be able to explain the legal implications of your case clearly and answer any questions you have.


Partnering with a good lawyer, that can communicate with you in your native language, can make a great deal of difference to the outcome of your case. Contact a Brampton injury lawyer today, and learn more about your legal rights after an accident.